Every project has a cost-quality-time balance. We prioritize your key success criteria to keep aligned on a common vision. Communication and transparency throughout the process makes us successful.


Part of our high standards is to ensure clean and orderly job sites. This is not only an aesthetically pleasing concept, but also a safer place for you and your family.


To be the #1 choice for finish carpentry, and remodels, while providing clients with a reputable home maintenance option.

To be referred by all our clients.

I started France Construction to do what I love: Helping my clients see in wood what I do. Helping home owners live in a beautiful home that stands up to the rigor of life. Enabling my clients to experience the joys of a transformation, not the frustration of a construction project gone awry...there is simply no need for that. Honesty and integrity are paramount to our long term relationships.


  • 2005 - Elite Carpentry sole proprietorship began our journey
  • 2006 - France Construction LLC founded to expand our service offerings
  • 2008... - Survived the downturn
  • 2013 - Lost a colleague, mentor & valuable team member (you are missed Mike B)
  • 2014 - Launch of our home maintenance services
  • 2017 - French Construction merges with Chermak Construction located in Edmonds
A master craftsman putting quality first.

Our founder



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